About Thirteenth Dimension

Thirteenth Dimension is a web home dedicated to the fiction of Rob Diaz.

Much of the content on Thirteenth Dimension is unedited first drafts and may change as editing is completed.  Check back often to see how your favorite stories change over time!  Feel free to comment on any of the stories as feedback is welcomed.

About the Author

Rob was invented in the early seventies and spent a good portion of his early life figuring out how to string more than two words together to form a sentence. Having accomplished this somewhat successfully by the time he was in sixth grade, Rob started to string these multi-word sentences together to form paragraphs and then entire stories, stage plays, poems and songs, tending towards the science fiction, fantasy, comedy and mainstream fiction genres. His writing habit took a complete hold on him and he wrote nearly every day from that point until he graduated from college and got a real job. For the next fifteen years, Rob found himself completely consumed by writer’s block and “I can write that tomorrow”-style excuses, and the notebooks and pens were left to gather dust in the back of an old sock drawer while he allowed his real job to own his life.

Rob’s real job is as a software developer, although Rob truly despises computers. Despite his irrational hatred of technology, Rob continues to write business financial software, though he has found that there is little room for storytelling within the business financial software industry. In 2006, Rob stumbled upon his notebooks and started writing again, this time including novels in the mix of writing types. He has written five novels so far, all written during NaNoWriMo and all langushing under the foggy haze of Needtoeditland. 

Rob recently completed writing a play which was performed by a local community theatre in November, 2008.

When he is not writing software or creative pieces, Rob eats vegetarian food, works in his large vegetable garden, drinks coffee, admires the number 13, listens to music on his Zune and plays the trumpet. He enjoys hanging out with his wife, his two children and his dog and thinks that they are four of the most awesome creatures on the planet.