I got up early today figuring I’d head over to the Activity Center to find and use the internet.  My withdrawal symptoms from not having internet or email are getting worse, not better, so I need my email fix and I need it now!

So, I journeyed to that crib and I let myself inside… sorry, went to a Tone Loc place there for a second; all better now… So, I went inside the Activity Center and was met by a big, ugly monster with fangs, horns and blood dripping from its rotten, fetid mouth. 

Ahem.  I mean, there was a sign. With words on it. And the words were:

No Internet Access until further notice.

I stared at the sign for awhile, trying to digest the meaning.  No internet?  Really? Next thing they’ll tell me is that we don’t have flying cars, unicorns or sustainable energy policies.

Wait.  We don’t have those.

But we should have them and we should have internet!  It’s a biological need, right up there with the need for hot coffee, broccoli and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Seriously – how could there be no internet?

I asked questions in my best good cop/bad cop kind of way. I begged.  I fell to my knees and I cried and cried.  But nothing changed the words on the sign. 


Spent from the massive emotional trauma I had  just endured, I slithered back to the villa.  The kids were watching TV and Ginny was asleep, so they had no sympathy for me and my plight.  Thank goodness my coffee was still hot.  I *finally* figured out the little missing detail I needed to make the story work.  The best friend… I knew there was something she was hiding!

Nick decided he wanted to take on Ginny in some tennis.  So they headed down to the courts and played a set. Nick won, 6 games to 4.  If you ask Ginny, she’ll tell you that the match was closer than that score.  If you ask Nick, he’ll tell you that he schooled her.  Having seen Nick’s mad skillz with the tennis racket yesterday, I would tend to believe his opinion of it. Apparently, whenever he’d lose a point, he’d get angry, though, so this is something we’re going to have to work on.

Mid-morning, we went down for our daily miniature golf battle. It was yet another hard-fought clash of mini-golfing wanabees, but we survived it with good sportsmanship and will live to exist as a family for another day.  Today’s scores were:







Front Nine






Back Nine












After golf, we decided to hit the pool. So we wandered to the outdoor pool we’ve frequented this week.  Walking up, we found it to be empty.  Getting closer, we found it to be closed.  I assumed it was due to the lack of internet, since everything seems to be internet-connected these days. But apparently, it was actually closed due to the fact that someone got sick in it.

Today’s public service announcement is:  There’s a reason they say you shouldn’t eat for 40 minutes before you get in the pool.  You should listen to this advice.  Thanks for the consideration.

Note how I changed that to a friendly blue color to make the message come across more appropriately.

Luckily, we had another option for pools – the indoor pool slightly up the road.  So we wandered up there.  It was, of course, crowded, since someone couldn’t hold their lunch, but there was plenty of space anyway. The pool was nice, but we preferred the outdoor one, I think.

The neat thing about the indoor pool was that it had strong jets running down the center of the pool.  They were really strong and that made it fun to play with them.  Note that I did say “fun”.  For those who don’t know, the rule in my house is:  “No Fun – for fun leads to head injuries.”  And I was having fun swimming in and around the jets. Until I swam into one of the jets and it hurt my eye. 

But don’t worry.  I can see clearly now, the pain is gone.

Okay, that was dumb. Now I’ve got Johnny Nash stuck in my head.  Thanks for making me do that. Really.

We headed back down to the Activity Center and borrowed movies again. Tonight’s selections were “Air Buddies” and “Spy Kids.”  By the time we got back to the villa, Rosa decided she didn’t want to watch “Spy Kids” even though she selected it.  All sorts of angst, whining and overly-emotional dismay ensued.

So we watched “Air Buddies”.  It was a cute movie, but I kept getting stuck on how much freedom the dogs had to move about the country.  I mean, to get all the places they went, I’d have to get a passport or at least pay an extra baggage fee.  But other than my old, bitter, grumpiness, I enjoyed the movie.

Over dinner, we watched the first Harry Potter movie, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”. It was as good now as it was when we first saw it.  Not as good as the book, of course, but a really good movie nonetheless.

Once the kids were in bed, we settled in for some wine and adult activities.  In this context, “adult activity” means:  we watched some episodes of “Heroes.”  Yeah, we’re wild and crazy like that.