About 13 Exits

Thirteen Exits is a blog about life.  It is a blog about coffee.  It is a blog about people and the wacky things they do. 

But mostly, it is a blog about how much I hate travel. 


I have had paint can lids, roofing shingles, window panes, dried municipal sludge, chipped stone, chicken feathers and other things fly out of the back of trucks while driving down the highway (yes, I love I-95!).  I have had motorcycle shows in obscure towns block up traffic on the interstates for miles, forcing me to drive further and navigate through places with fine establishements such as “Alive Again Taxidermy.”  I’ve had drivers throw cigarettes out of their car windows (I assume to feed the birds or something), only to have the burning butts fly into my open windows.  I’ve had airplane rides where it took three tries to land, and the third time was successful only because of the sheer willpower of the pilots.  I’ve been on a cruise that met bad weather, causing most people to be brutally sick for many, many hours. 

Usually, I have been lucky enough to have coffee and at least something to eat (healthy or not). I am sure, though, that one of these days I’ll find myself feeling hungry, with an empty coffee mug and only one shoe.  And it will be because the Travel Gods hate me just as much as I hate them. 

So please… Stop the road, I want to get off!