Convergence 2010, Day Six

Wow. This blog post isn’t starting out too well. I mean, today’s not day six of Convergence 2010, since Convergence really was over yesterday. Technically speaking, Friday’s entry, entitled “Convergence 2010, Day One” was a misnomer as well, since it didn’t really start until Saturday. But, since I’m generally known as a lazy person who exaggerates things, I’ll stick to the naming convention I’ve always used, which is to either (a) pick random names out of thin air; or (b) to title travel blog posts in such a way that the beginning and ending days are considered part of the event even though they are technically “travel days” and aren’t actually part of the vacation or trade show. Clearly, I’ve picked option (b) for my travel blog while choosing option (a) for my fiction blog. If you think this is confusing at this point, just wait until the summer vacation blog entries – we’re planning TWO DAYS of travel each way for that trip. I’m sure it will make for a compelling, exciting and confusingly titled read!

But I digress. Again.

Actually, is it called digressing when you’re foreshadowing? Or should I have said, “But I foreshadow”? Or “But I foregress?” Hmmm. Microsoft Word doesn’t have ‘foregress’ in its dictionary – does that mean I’ve just invented a new word? What does it take to make a new word anyway? Three separate usages in print? Is that what it is? I think it has to be three uses by different bloggers, so the fact that I’ve now typed ‘foregress’ three times does not mean that the word will show up in the dictionary any time soon.

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Convergence 2010, Day Five

Can you smell that?

Take a deep breath. Yes, the point is, in fact, to inhale. That smell, my friends, is the scent of Day Five. Day Five – the penultimate day of my trip to Atlanta.

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Convergence 2010, Day Four

Monday, Monday…. Can’t trust that day… Monday, Monday….

What is it about Monday that makes it so painful and untrustworthy? Why hasn’t Monday been tagged by Congress or the CIA or FBI as an enemy combatant? Clearly, it attacks us without warning, kicks us when we’re down and unrelentingly points and laughs at us as we whimper and whine our way through it. Mondays should be illegal. In fact, the word “Monday” should be one of those words that can’t be said on television. Monday’s are cruel and unusual punishment for whatever we might have done on the weekend. Mondays are…

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Convergence 2010, Day Three

I woke up before the alarm once again today. The pain in my calves, feet and knees had subsided though I didn’t feel real refreshed. I did sleep in the middle of the bed as had been suggested to me and that did seem to work better. Maybe I should see what the baggage fee would be to bring my own mattress from now on… I’m sure the airlines understand and charge reasonable fees for things like mattresses. I mean, they don’t charge for car seats, strollers or wheelchairs, but I see no notation about mattresses. Guess I’ll have to ask next time.

Anyway, I slithered out of bed and two steps later all the aches and pains from yesterday returned. Given that today was going to be a long one and I knew it was going to be a long one, I was not happy with the status of my feet.

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Convergence 2010, Day Two

I woke up with a stiff neck and sore shoulder. I swear that hotel beds make me feel like I am sleeping downhill all the time. I also hate hotel pillows because they are too thick and not at all comfortable. I’m used to sleeping on a futon mattress with a single, thin pillow, so the difference with these beds is very obvious. It’s not that the bed was uncomfortable, though; I just always feel that the bed is tilted, either downward from the foot of the bed to the head of the bed, or from the middle to the outsides. In this case, the bed was tilted both ways, so I felt like I was going to roll out on the side or slide out behind the headboard.

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Convergence 2010, Day One

Like a child on his first day of kindergarten, I set off with a combination of fear and excitement, dread and longing. With my family watching, I took that first pivotal step away from the car, a giant step toward that door which would lead me to the next big thing in my life, a new adventure in learning and friendship and many other endless, glorious possibilities. The backpack on my shoulder safely carried my lunch and my important supplies for my big day, helping to put my mind at ease just a little bit. Heart pounding, I looked back, half hoping to see my family calling me back, demanding that I stay with them and not walk through that door. Their smiles and waves reassured me that I must continue, so I turned and walked through the door, feeling it close slowly behind me. The click of the door closing acted like a switch and my mind was immediately filled with sounds, scents and sights that were at once uniquely new as well as oddly familiar. I took another step in, allowing myself to be consumed by the cacophony of the other people filling the small room, all, I assume, just as eager and excited as I was.

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