Massanutten Vacation 2013, Day Negative One

imageDay Negative One of vacation.  What a glorious day, indeed! It is the reason we spend all the time since the end of the last year’s vacation working too many hours and doing too many things with baseball or dance or soccer or swimming or band or scouts. It is the light at the end of the long, dark tunnel between vacations, a beacon which guides us and calls us to stay the course, for soon vacation time will be here.  It is that wonderful day on which we get to brush the dust, spiders and other unpleasant debris off of our suitcases and fill them up with brightly-colored clothes, brand new tubes of toothpaste and the year’s worth of books we’ve collected to read during our week-long vacation. Such a wonderful, awesome, fantastic day! It is—

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Sheridan, Illinois Vacation Day 0.5 (reprise)

And so we have come to Saturday, the last day of our vacation, though it is really the second day of our un-vacation travel time.  Or, the reprise of day 0.5.  No matter what you call it, it is not really part of the vacation in my opinion.

It is, however, very much part of the travelling.

Let me begin today’s post by telling you this simple fact:  last night was awesome!

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Sheridan, Illinois Vacation Day 0 (reprise)

Warning: this blog post is possibly filled with all sorts of negativity, hostility and travel-related bitterness.

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Sheridan, Illinois Vacation Day 6

Well, this is it – the last real day of our vacation. Tomorrow we get the pleasure of loading up the car, packing ourselves into it and driving half way home. Tomorrow we get to visit new restrooms and eat crappy food along the side of the highway. Tomorrow we get to find out what we forgot to do during this long, lazy week.

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Sheridan, Illinois Vacation Day 5

Today was much like the past few days. No internet, no joy for Rob. I got up to write some more and finally got the rest of my Chinese Whisperings stuff completed!  Of course, without internet, I couldn’t get it to my editor.  The deadlines were coming and going fast, but there was nothing I could do about it.  As Douglas Adams said,

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Sheridan, Illinois Vacation Day 4

I got up early today figuring I’d head over to the Activity Center to find and use the internet.  My withdrawal symptoms from not having internet or email are getting worse, not better, so I need my email fix and I need it now!

So, I journeyed to that crib and I let myself inside… sorry, went to a Tone Loc place there for a second; all better now… So, I went inside the Activity Center and was met by a big, ugly monster with fangs, horns and blood dripping from its rotten, fetid mouth. 

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