I am pleased to announce that Emergent Publishing will release Deck the Halls: festive tales of fear and cheer worldwide on December 6, 2012. My story, “Yuletide Treasure” is included in this anthology.

front-cover-dthDeck the Halls: festive tales of fear and cheer
Editor: Jodi Cleghorn

Original Artwork: Andrew McKiernan

Cover Design: eMergent Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9871126-4-­4 (paperback)
978-0-­9871126-­5-1 (eBook)

Pages: 226

DECK THE HALLS traverses the joy and jeopardy of the festive season, from Yule to Mōdraniht, Summer Solstice to Years’ End. The stories journey through consternations and celebrations, past, present and future, which might be or never were.

Along the way you’ll meet troll hunters, consumer dissidents, corset-bound adventurers, a joint-­toking spirit, big-­hearted gangbangers, an outcast hybrid spaceship, petrol-toting politicians, mythical swingers and a boy who unwittingly controls the weather.

Heart-warming and horrifying, the collection is a merry measure of cross-genre, short fiction subverting traditional notions of the holiday season.


Sam Adamson, Trevor Belshaw, Jim Bronyaur, Jen Brubacher, Steve Cameron, Christopher Chartrand, Jodi Cleghorn, Jonathan Crossfield, Janette Dalgliesh, Rob Diaz II, Rebecca L. Dobbie, Rebecca Emin, Chia Evers, Jo Hart, Susan May James, PJ Kaiser, Emma Kerry, S.G Larner, David McDonald, Laura Meyer, Lily Mulholland, Nicole Murphy, Nik Perring, Dan Powell, Dale Challener Roe, Kate Sherrod, Icy Sedgwick, Paul Servini, Benjamin Solah, Rowena Specht-Whyte, Graham Storrs & Alison Wells


Deck the Halls is the original Literary Mix Tapes.

Spawned after founding editor Jodi Cleghorn sat through her first school Christmas Carols, rankled by the predominance of Christian based songs and entranced by the archaic lyrics of Deck the Halls, the anthology idea was pitched and filled via Twitter shout out. Authors nominated themselves for one of the ten lyrical prompts via Cleghorn’s website.

Featuring twenty stories (based on ten lyrics), Deck the Halls was released as free web-based stories on Christmas Eve 2010, one story per hour, for 20 hours. A free downloadable eBook was made available on Christmas Day with cover artwork provided Icy Sedgwick.

The idea of music inspiring short fiction found traction and Literary Mix Tapes launched as an official speculative fiction imprint in February 2011 and came under the eMergent Publishing umbrella in June 2011.

Work began on a revamped and extended version of Deck the Halls after the success of Nothing But Flowers: tales of post-apocalyptic love (02/2011) and Eighty Nine (10/2011) to pay homage to the imprint’s roots. Deck the Halls: tales of festive fear and cheer features 32 stories (18 original and 14 brand new offerings) from an international line of up authors.


The paperback and eBook will be released simultaneously worldwide THURSDAY 6th DECEMBER 2012. All paperback purchases will be bundled with a complimentary eBook.

Pre-orders for the paperback are open now via the eMergent Publishing website.

  • $16.99 (RRP $19.95 US and Australia)
  • £/€5.99 (RRP £/€7.99)

All pre-ordered paperback purchases will receive their complimentary eBook at the time of purchase.

The eBook will be on sale for A$4.99 as of the 6th December. The book will be available in both formats in the usual online locations.


Deck the halls with boughs of holly

Touched Rowena Specht-Whyte
Drench the School Benjamin Solah
Coming Home Rebecca Dobbie

Tis the season to be jolly

While You Were Out Sam Adamson
Twenty-Five Rebecca Emin
A Jolly Pair Christopher Chartrand

Don we now our gay apparel
Gays and Commies Graham Storrs
A Better Fit Jen Brubacher
Salvation Nicole R Murphy

Troll the ancient Yule tide carol
A Troll for Christmas Jo Hart
Modraniht Kate Sherrod
Bosch’s Book of Trolls Susan May James

See the blazing Yule before us

‘Til Death Do Us Part Emma Kerry
High Holidays Dale Challener Roe
The Headless Shadow Jonathan Crossfield

Strike the harp and join the chorus

End of a Tradition Paul Servini
Weatherboy Nik Perring
Not a Whisper Lily Mulholland

Follow Me in Merry Measure

Lords of the Dance Janette Dalgliesh
Through Frosted Glass Laura Meyer
Midsummer’s Eve Stacey Larner

While I tell of Yuletide Treasure

Yuletide Treasure Rob Diaz II
Broken Angel Jodi Cleghorn
A Golden Treasure Chia Evers

Fast Away the Old Year Passes

Fast Away Jim Bronyaur
Apprentices to Time Icy Sedgwick
Unfolding Alison Wells

Hail the New, Ye Lads and Lasses

Egg-Ceptional PJ Kaiser
Hail the New Trevor Belshaw
Perfect Light Dan Powell

Sing We Joyous, All Together

Softly Sing the Stars Steve Cameron

Heedless of the Wind and Weather

Through Wind and Weather David McDonald


The anthologies are a cross pollination of music and writing, and has roots in Cleghorn’s search for new ways to inspire fiction and encourage writers to work together. Built on a ‘collective submissions process’ and tapping into the crowd-sourcing potential of social networking, the anthologies are further proof of eMergent’s willingness to push the boundaries of the anthology and collaborative work to bring the freshest stories and newest authors to lovers of speculative short fiction.


Literary Mix Tapes is different to other imprints and anthologies in that:

  • Authors are crowd-sourced via social media, not through an open submission process.
  • Authors are not vetted prior to inclusion; they just have to be fast enough to secure a place when nominations open.
  • Stories are written via a collective submissions system across a three week period, where authors work together to produce the best collection of stories, through a combination of peer support, beta reading, line editing and proof reading.
  • Each author is guaranteed as much editorial time as necessary to produce publication ready work after submission.
  • Every story is the best possible work of the author, rather than the best possible stories chosen from a public submission process.
  • The authors are predominantly emerging authors and many have their first debut publication via Literary Mix Tapes.
  • Increasing numbers of established authors are making their way into LMT’s rank specifically to enjoy and experience the community and conceptual aspects of the projects.


Please contact Jodi Cleghorn Jodi.cleghorn@emergent-publishing.com

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